Watch the Clouds Go By

drink coconut water & reset

Unplug & Retreat In Puerto Rico

If you want to turn your cell phone
off and plunge into a detox, I will facilitate your journey. If you just want to rest and get some sun you are also welcomed to join us and feast on the highest quality produce from local farmers.

I invite you to take the road less traveled and visit healers on different parts of the Island. We can also visit local organic farms and feast on a variety of fruits and verdant greens. 

Please fill out the form below so that I can begin to help you plan for your detox. You are welcomed to come alone or with a group. Once you are here in Puerto Rico I will support you on your detox.

Hurricanes Irma and María altered our reality in the Caribbean. We are now rebuilding and making preparations to receive guests again in the autumn of 2019.


Take In Some Sunshine

yellow Malayan Dwarf coconuts

Healing Digital Detox

Setting aside your cell phone can help you reset. The greater the demands of modern life, the greater the need for people to go on detox retreats. The perfect prescription for resetting is rest, and an abundance of tropical fruits and verdant greens. Gift yourself with the time and rest from all stressors in your life.


Learn to prepare natural foods

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