I invite you to watch the clouds go by,

drink coconut water and unplug.

In the fall of 2017, Hurricanes Irma and María altered our reality in Puerto Rico. After major clean up and reconstruction, we were almost ready to receive guests again when the Covid-19 placed us in quarantine.

Thanks to technology I am available to offer you support in various digital platforms.

I am hopeful that we will be able to share coconut water in the not so distant future.

Detox & Reset Program

All my programs are designed to provoke change. Detoxing means a lot of different things to different people. To me it means turning off my phone, sprouting, cleaning out my closet and entering a sacred place.

I can help you prepare for a successful detox. Organizing your natural food kitchen, and your pantry is always a great place to begin. Thanks to technology, I can now offer personalized support online.


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alfalfa seeds
yellow Malayan Dwarf coconuts

Digital Detox Retreats In Puerto Rico

One of the most powerful recipes for detoxing is sitting on a tropical beach watching the clouds go by, and drinking fresh coconut water. Here in Puerto Rico, we can swim year round. I invite you to share visions of paradise with me.

If you are willing to turn your cell phone off, and plunge into a digital detox, I will facilitate your journey. If you just want to rest, and take in some sun you are also welcomed to join us and feast on the highest quality produce from local farmers. I invite you to take the road less traveled and visit healers on different parts of the Island. 

Setting aside your cell phone can help you reset. The greater the demands of modern life, the greater the need for people to go on digital detox retreats. My simple recipe for resetting is rest and an abundance of tropical fruits and verdant greens. 

Please contact me so that I can begin to help you plan for your detox. You are welcomed to come alone or with a group. 


Our Kitchen Team

Magha Garcia Medina (picutred right) is my partner in the kitchen and a spiritual sister in life. We have been friends for almost two decades, and we have always worked together on retreats and farm to tables events that have been celebrated in different venues here on the Island.

Magha brings to the table a wealth of local folkfore, wood burning stoves, laughter and wisdom. She first stepped into the kitchen professionally at her family's restaurant in her early teens. She lived in Boston for over a decade where she became involved in a local food coop. After returning to Puerto Rico in the year 2000 she dove into the budding ecological movement with great passion as a farmer, researcher, seed hunter and activist.

Magha is a member of Organización Boricuá de Puerto Rico, and COA (Colectiva Oeste Agroecológico). She has been a long time colaberator in enviromental projects such as Govardhan Gardens, Eye On the Rainforest, and my project Cocina y Siembra Realenga, Among the Coconuts and most recently AFUEA. You can find out more about Magha's work work on her blog  Pachamama Forest Garden .


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Magha y Maria

Make a commitment and, I will support you on your journey.