Digital Detox Program

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Because 30 Days Is Not Enough

45 Day Digital Detox Program
Designed to Provoke Change

Detox always means a lot of different things to different people. A vegetarian that is hooked on coffee, bread and gourmet cheeses will have a differnet point of view than someone who likes to eat a lot of meat and drink alcohol. I will meet you wherever you are at and together we will set goals.

No matter what your detox goals are, you need to have a stocked pantry and refrigertor inorder to change your diet or fast. Fasting and detox means that you stop eating all the stuff that you know is bad for you and that you begin to eat foods that are good for you. If your closet is messy, then your detox will also mean straightening things out and getting rid of all un Zen like clutter. 

This program is perfect for people that already have basic natural food preparation skills. The 45 Day Online Detox Program builds upon my Plant Based Program and my Sprouting and Raw Food Program. After you have organized your kitchen you are then ready to have a successful detox. 

  • Nothing fast tracks our learning and success more than support. This is why we will have daily personal check ins via text message or email.
  • Six 1 hour, check ins via What's App, Google Meet, Zoom or telephone.
  • Menu Planning, Shopping List, On Line Resources, Reading Lists.
  • Zen Enemas, Readings from Fr. Ben Wren's book Zen Among the Magnolias

On Demand Support
You set the pace

We all have different needs and we all move at different speeds. I will support you one on one to help you get to where you are going. It is my experience that when people say they want to detox, food is only one part of the equation. All I know is that organizing your pantry will impinge on all other areas of your life for the best. 

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