Sprouting and Raw Food Program

Join me for an awesome discovery.

6 Modules Designed to Get You Organized

Learn how to sprout and prepare raw food at your own pace.

Module 1, Sprouting In Trays and Soil.

Sprouting microgreens in trays and pots is the easiest way of gaining confidence with kitchen gardening. Urban dwellers will be inspired when they realize that they can grow their microgreens on their balconies in 7 days and counter tops.

When you allow the seed to fall to the earth you will begin to gain confidence in the kitchen and in life and you will soon become an acomplished gardener. 

Module 2, Sprouting In Air


Not everything that sprouts is green. If you live in a small space you can sprout a wide variety of seeds, nuts, grains, and beans on your kitchen counter without the need for soil. The nutritional value and flavor of raw food explode when you sprout.

You will save a lot money and receive a lot of rewards once your begin sprouting. Learning to sprout is the key to all live raw food recipes and liberation.

Module 3, Nut and Seed Cheeses and Yogurts

The protocol for healing with natural food is cleaning the colon and eating probiotic rich foods to nurture our digestive track.

Fermented nuts and seeds are a valuable source of protein and beneficial bacteria. Once the seeds and nuts are sprouted we can begin fermenting rich nut cheeses, yogurts and healing beverages.


Module 4, Condiments & Dressings

There are a variety of ways we can marinade vegetables and fruits and many reasons to do so. For example, adding miso and spices to eggplant enhances the nutritional value of the vegetable and makes it rich in flavor.

In the program you will learn that when vegetables are pressed the cells break open allowing the marinade to be absorbed and the flavor intensified. And this is what we are looking for: nutrition, flavor and culinary joy without the heat of the pan or oven.

Module 5, Soups & Salads


A soup and salad can satisfy and comfort any soul. Soups and salads can be made in advance and save you precious time in the kitchen.

Fresh nut milk is a great base for any vegetable soup. Sprouted nuts, seeds and grains will give need meaning to your salads. Once you become familiar with a variety of seeds, nuts, grains, beans and sprouts you will see all the possibilities available for your soups and salads.

Module 6, Dehydration


A dehydrator is a must have for the serious raw food practioner. Dehydration adds a delicious flavor to a variety of dishes helps and allows us expand the menu of raw food salads and green drinks, to one of cookies, energy bars, entrees such as meatloaf of walnuts, lasagna, fruit and culinary herbs.

Every healthy kitchen can really get creative with a dehydrator. And if you are a gardener you can get a lot of use out of your dehydrator preserving foods.

Get the all details of my Sprouting and Raw Food Progam

A Manual for Sprouting

In 2010 my Spanish sprouting book was published. My Sprouting and Raw Food Program is based on the topics covered in my book. During the course of 6 Modules we will be sprouting beans, nuts, seeds and grains and working on recipes that will cover all the bases.

The English translation of my book is almost ready for print. I invite you to check out will my new blog Among the Coconuts, where sharing sprouting techniques and recipes.

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