Welcome to my natural food kitchen

I invite you to take a peek at my pantry.

The body reacts immediately to good food and nurturing.

Sprouting & Raw Food Program

It all begins with seeds, vegetables, fruits, nuts and grains and a desire to learn something new and provoke a change. Once you incorporate live raw food into your diet you will find out what all the fuss is about.

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Live Bioactive Kitchen Program

Live bioactive plant based foods like miso, koji, and tempeh will add beneficial bacteria and new exciting flavors to your dishes. Seitan (also known as Buddha meat) and tofu will quench your thirst for protein, B12, enzymes and extreme flavor.

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Digital Detox & Reset Program

Prepare for a successful reset by unplugging, and eating wholesome natural foods. In a world that is rapidly changing, we have a need to stop.

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Kitchen Therapy & Consulting

Over the years I have helped people with menu planning, wholesale purchasing, and lifestlye changes. Drop me a note if you think I might be able to be of service.


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Begin to feast on natural foods

The colors of natural foods are beautiful and healing.

Learn to sprout with María

A Manual for Sprouting is a complete toolbox.